Orléans Bengals on Daytime Ottawa

Posted by Orléans Bengals on Apr 08 2017 at 11:20AM PDT in 2017

The Orléans Bengals would like to thank Daytime Ottawa and the whole team at Rogers 22 for having us on to talk about our upcoming season. We had a blast with host, Dylan Black, and were very excited to be given such a great opportunity.

Representing the Bengals were:
Team President: Michael “Chili” Johnson
Mosquito Head Coach: George Zigoumis
Bengals Mom: Heather Godin
Bengals Godfather and the heart and soul of our team: Aldege Bellefeuille

  1. - Aldege “Bear” Bellefeuille III (Peewee)
  2. - Christos Zigoumis (Mosquito)
  3. - Emmett Godin (Mosquito)

If you are a Rogers customer and you missed the live broadcast, you can view it at the following link:
If you do not have a Rogers account, you can view the first half of the show in the Media section of the website.


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