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Fox 40 Prospect Challenge (Central) – Bellefeuille is a leader on defense
By: Adrien Montoya
May 10, 2017

It is often said that football is the ultimate team sport and to win everyone needs to play together as one.

Aldège “Bear” Bellefeuille is the picture perfect example of a force of nature at middle linebacker who cares less about individual glory than he does about team achievements.

“For me, stats are team stats. We went 11-0 in 2016, won the A Cup and our defense allowed the fewest points, passing and rushing yards in NCAFA. I have also been blessed to play on great teams and defenses that won another A Cup,” says Aldège “Bear” Bellefeuille.

The young man has a decorated résumé as he was three-time Defensive Player of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Year, and won the Vic Tedondo Award for Team Leadership.

Bellefeuille loves football for the concept of the team coming together and the many lessons the game teaches. “Football is a team sport. It teaches you to have honor, respect, and helps you learn how to be part of a team. I also have fun when I hit someone,” says Bellefeuile who adds, “my body will only quit if I say it will.”

Bellefeuille is coming to the CFCFPC with the intentions of socializing and competing with the best players at his age group in Ontario. “My goals for CFCFPC is to have fun, make new friends with players from all around NCAFA, and compete with and against the best players in my age group, and win the game,” says Bellefeuille.

In the off-season, Bellefeuille plays basketball to improve his athleticism, and attends football camps to become a better football player. “I play basketball to become more athletic. I’ve trained with Gridiron Academy and Elite Performance Academy to help with my speed and I also do a lot of push-ups to help me get stronger,” says Bellefeuille. The young man has also attended football camps at Michigan University, Carleton University, and the University of Ottawa.

As a leader on his team, it is only fitting that Bellefeuille idolizes one of the greatest leaders in football. “My role model is Ray Lewis because he is a very inspirational guy and a superb athlete. Even with what happened to him, he is still upbeat,” says Bellefeuille.

Aldège “Bear” Bellefeuille (#52)
Positions: middle and outside linebacker
Height/Weight: 5’5, 135
Teams: Orléans Bengals, OPC Minors (2016)
Class: 2022


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