Posted by Orléans Bengals on Oct 30 2017 at 10:01AM PDT in 2017

We are looking for keen individuals to join our Bengals Executive Committee!
Please consider joining this great organization.

Candidates should ask themselves the following questions and if they have a positive response over all, we would love to have them submit their name for consideration:
1) Do you truly enjoy working long-hours (at times) to build or build upon something so useful and wonderful to children?
2) Are you fine and able to work with people who may disagree with you and still put the same energy and effort into Q1?
3) What if very few people ‘step-up’. Are you willing to let the Club (especially children) suffer or are you willing to shoulder most of the work?
4) What is good and bad about the club and how would you fix it and/or build upon it?
5) Do you suffer from ‘thin-skin’ because the Exec is a whipping-boy from many parents/personnel across the levels?
6) Are you willing to lose friendships to do what is right and needed because some adults are juvenile and the only focus should be on the kids?
7) Can you remain neutral especially if the level your son plays at is impacted by a right or wrong decision?
8) Are you ‘kicking-the-tires’ or is joining the Exec of interest to you over a few years while your child is playing?
It takes many hands working together as a team to create success.

We are looking for the following Board of Directors:
· Elected at the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as “AGM”)
o President;
o Executive Vice-President;
o Vice-President-Operations;

· The following vacancies on the Board of Directors, which will be a vote of the Board of Directors
o Treasurer;
o Secretary;
o Director of Cheerleading;
o Director of Communications;
o Director of Fund-raising & Sponsorship;
o Director of Equipment;
· Also we are looking for the following members as ex-officio member to the Board of Directors
o BBQ Coordinator;
o Registrar;
o Volunteer Coordinator;
o Specials Events Coordinator;

Please take note that as per our Constitution, all nominations for any executive position must;
- be signed by the nominee
- be approved by 4 voting members in good standing,
- Member in Good Standing: For a member of the Club to be considered in good standing with the Club, that member must have paid their Club fees.
- submitted in writing to the me at least 14 days prior to the AGM which will be held November 27th in room 340 at 255 Centrum Boulevard.

*Note: Active Membership: All eligible football players or cheerleader who participates in a Club Program and who have paid the fees as set by the Club. All Active Members of the legal voting age (Ontario = 18 years old) shall be entitled to one vote at each Annual General Meeting and Special Meeting of the Club. (Underage Active Members have no vote but may be represented by their parent or guardian).