Week 2 President's Update - Excellent work leads to great results!

Posted by Orléans Bengals on Aug 27 2018 at 10:18AM PDT

Excellent work leads to great results,

This weekend the Bengals at all levels left everything they had on the field. It never ceases to amaze me how many lessons our players are learning when participating in gridiron football. The ups and downs are the point of it all. The ability to face adversity and still deliver a result is what will fuel our players to achieve their goals this year.

The last minute “never give up” attitude of the tyke game was spellbinding and watching them grasp the win is the sum total achievement of their countless hours of work. They are our little comeback crew and congratulations to keeping it all together Jamal and coaches. I can guarantee that any Bengals (peewee, mosquito) that come early to watch them will be inspired and reminded of how the pure joy of sport is the goal at all times.

Mosquito is rolling along like a steam engine and I have to give a shout out to all the players that are looking to reverse the feeling of our playoff result last season in impressive style. The players have learned new things without forgoing the fundamentals that make them great football players. Coach Assivero has really stepped up in the face of adversity and he is poised to keep our mosquito team in the running for NCAFA success.

The Bengal player trait of resilience was demonstrated by our Peewee players this weekend when with no forewarning, a seemingly immovable object showed up at the filed. No player quit because they understood that while the game was slipping there is always work to do. Taking that little sip of defeat and remembering the taste will motivate our Peewees, and as their Head Coach, I know that they are going to surprise people this year, because they are focused in what we do next.

The Raftsmen have started a win streak and their hard fought victory this weekend sets up a hard two days of practice before they hit the road for the first time this Saturday. Watching those players makes me happy to say that our Bengals players and all players in east Ottawa have access to one of the best football platforms in Canada, the QMFL. To those that are patient and listen when I go on my ideological rants…. I do talk about the 4 behavioral dynamics of a new organization “Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing” players that began as strangers have weathered several storms, normalized their bond and have already shown that they are becoming a performing brotherhood. They have the attention of the “Belle Province’s” most influential and respected football minds, and we all look forward to witnessing the Raftsmen wave washing across Quebec.

Finally, and most importantly, I also send my sincerest best wishes to our injured Raftsmen and Bengals and wish them a speedy recovery. We miss you and please get well soon.

Lets get to work….

Go Bengals!

George Zigoumis


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